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Top 5 Ways CRM Empowers Sales Teams

Top 5 Ways CRM Empowers Sales Teams

A motivated and empowered sales team is a force to be reckoned with. Creating an environment where your sales team can thrive involves a combination of smart management, talented team members, and the right tools.

Among those tools should be a great CRM. In fact, effective sales teams use a CRM 81% more often than do teams that are less successful. This tool does more than offer real-time insights into leads and customers. The right CRM for sales teams empowers your sales team in five incredible ways.

Visualization of top 5 ways a CRM empowers sales teams

1. Streamlines employee onboarding

The more time you have to spend onboarding new team members, the less time you, and they, have to spend actually closing deals. Improving CRM use compliance among your sales team also means that you have to effectively train team members in using the platform from the first moment they join your team.

Enter a CRM software for teams. More than just a way to connect with customers, the right platform makes it easier to get new employees up and running with your sales team.

While it will not entirely replace your traditional onboarding process, such as in-class training and mentoring by seasoned team members, it can assist the process in the following ways:

• Ease of Use

An intuitive user interface is important for your entire sales team, but doubly so for new members. You need them to start using your CRM right away so they can start entering data, nurturing leads, closing sales, and communicating with team members.

A CRM that delivers an intuitive user interface and seamless integration (or replacement) with the phone, email, calendars, and more is less frustrating to use and faster to learn. That ease of use translates into new team members who feel empowered to perform from day 1.

• Self-Teaching Features

Small sales teams may not have much time to spend walking new employees through processes and technologies.

The best CRM for 10-person sales teams, or other small teams, is one that can help with self-teaching tools such as walkthroughs and video instruction built into the platform. These tools reduce the in-class instruction needed while quickly familiarizing team members with the CRM so they can start getting to work.

2. Centralizes customer data

Customers expect sales teams to possess and act upon their information. In fact, 84% of customers express frustration when a salesperson cannot immediately access their account. They feel even more frustrated when they receive duplicate communications from your sales team.

An empowered sales team is a team that has instant, easy access to all of the relevant information about every prospect. The best way to centralize your customer data? CRM software.

CRM for sales teams collects all the data you have on every customer in one interface, where any member of your team can quickly view it. Information your team can access through the right CRM includes the following:

  • Contact information
  • Account history
  • Customer communications
  • Industry and business
  • Hobbies
  • Preferences
  • Relationship Strength
  • And more

When your sales team can access the most up-to-date information in one location, they can avoid duplicate communications, seamlessly nurture a lead through the sales funnel, close more deals, deliver personalized information to customers, collaborate with other team members, and save time.

Perhaps even more importantly, they can keep customers happier. No more contacts slipping through the cracks. No more hunting around for information while on the line with a client. No more duplicate communications. Just efficient, streamlined, and productive work.

3. Automates processes

Manually entering customer information into a database is a surefire way to squelch employee morale, and productivity. Empower your sales team to accomplish more with CRM software that automates many of the repetitive tasks your employees currently accomplish manually.

A CRM for sales teams offers many ways to automate tasks your team used to have to do themselves. The best platforms allow you to customize which tasks are automated, and even to integrate those automated tasks with your current workflow.

Imagine how much more productive and motivated your sales team would be if they could let your CRM software do these tasks while they focused on the meaningful work of lead nurturing and deal closing:

 Customer Data Entry

Your CRM should pull in data from every important source automatically and organize it in one central location for easy access.

• Relationship Strength

Your system should help you stay top of mind and provide you insights of business that may slip away.

Certain Standard Responses to Customer Inquiries

Dispense with manual boiler-plate responses to contact forms and basic inquiries.

Task Assignment

Your CRM can automatically assign leads and tasks so everyone knows their responsibilities and no tasks are duplicated.

 Appointment Scheduling

With a phone or email integration, your CRM can automatically add appointments and follow-ups to the calendar.

4. Can be used anytime, anywhere

In today’s digital, and pandemic-influenced, world, teams increasingly work remotely. Scattered across towns, states, and even countries, sales people need a way to stay connected with each other and with their prospects.

The best CRM for international teams, and other teams working remotely, can be used anytime, anywhere. Consider these features that make mobile, remote work possible for even the most distant members of your sales force.

 Phone and Email Integration

With built-in phone and email integrations, your CRM can work with most major email providers and phone carriers. That means that your team members can make phone calls from any device, or create and send emails from any provider, and have it show up as coming from your business.

In addition, these integrations allow the CRM to automatically enter data and schedule appointments based on the conversations your team members are having. The result? Your team is empowered to work anywhere they are, anytime that is convenient, from any device they have access to.

 Centralized Data

Collaboration and communication among your team members is key to turning them into a powerful sales force. Even remote teams can achieve effortless collaboration with the right CRM, thanks to this software’s ability to centrally locate all data about a prospect.

If one team member makes a phone call in the morning, a team member who comes online in the afternoon can see that phone call, and the associated notes, right away. If a lead contacts your organization overnight, your CRM can qualify and assign that lead so that the appropriate team member can reach out in the morning.

CRM software for teams doesn’t just create streamlined communication with your prospects. It allows your entire team to operate as a unified whole.

5. Improves employee buy-in

In today’s world, you can no longer control a sales team with orders and metrics alone. A productive sales team is a motivated sales team. When you have buy-in from every team member, you do not need to control them; you simply need to support them with the right tools and training.

The right CRM software can help you create a motivated and powerhouse sales team by delivering tools that make their job easier, more efficient, and more productive.

Consider, for example, how much more focused your team would be if they could devote their time to qualified leads rather than sorting through hundreds of low score leads. Imagine how much more they can accomplish when they do not have to spend hours tracking down information on a prospect before a sales meeting.


With the right CRM for sales teams, you can improve their efficiency and their productivity by saving them time, putting relevant information at their fingertips, and making collaboration intuitive.

If your sales team objects to using a CRM, you might just be using the wrong one. The right CRM for your business will empower and motivate your sales team, not present a struggle as you try to encourage its use and face pushback from your team.

If you need a powerful, customizable, and unique CRM for your sales team, consider GoCRM. As the only CRM with a full-funnel approach, we offer the tools you need to improve productivity and efficiency combined with an easy to use interface that makes the platform a pleasure to use.

Discover how GoCRM empowers your sales team. Create a flexible and supportive environment with the right CRM.

  1. Do you need to streamline employee onboarding? We provide tutorials, walkthroughs, and support to teach your employees how to take full advantage of our platform’s features from day 1.
  2. Do you need to centralize customer data? GoCRM pulls in information from hundreds of sources, automatically, and organizes it according to your custom fields so you can always get the information you need at a glance.
  3. Do you need to automate processes? GoCRM will reduce your team’s workload and eliminate repetitive tasks while making sure no lead ever gets overlooked.
  4. Do you have a remote or mobile team? GoCRM allows for phone calls, text messages and emails to be sent from anywhere, at any time. As a recommended CRM for a small sales team with full Google apps integration, you can use any of the tools you want from any location.
  5. Do you want to improve employee buy-in? Motivate your team with a CRM the tools that make their job easier to accomplish while freeing them up to focus on the leads and the strategies that will deliver sales.

Empower your sales team with a powerful CRM, choose GoCRM. Request your demo and start closing more deals today.

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