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Text Messaging for Small Business

CRM dashboard, leads view

Seamless Communication
With Text Messaging CRM

Maximize communication channels and leverage fully automated business texting. GoCRM combines CRM features with business text messaging for more powerful marketing results.

GoCRM lets you do more than just text your customer, it also lets you automate messages or send standardized templates. It simplifies tracking all text communications so you never miss an important response or follow up.

Smiling entrepreneur with text messaging conversation overlay

Supercharge Your Team
with SMS Marketing

A built-in CRM helps you boost your sales team. Provide seamless communication while you easily keep track of all leads. Assign leads to team members from within the app, create message templates for your team, automate text messages and view all past contact with a lead. GoCRM lets you track not just your text messages, but also your sales team and your leads.

CRM Contact dashboard with SMS log

Send & Receive Texts Online

Team members can use their web browser or mobile phone to text (SMS) customers. They can also schedule upcoming messages to new leads or follow up texts to existing leads.

Local area number selection screen

Text From Local Numbers

Text anyone in any area code with your very own local number. GoCRM gives you access to dedicated local VoIP numbers that you can use to text as well as call your prospects.

Texting template selection screen

Create and Save Text
Messaging Templates

Create standardized templates that work to optimize the success of your sales team and help them make connections with leads.

Workflow design texting screen

Automated Text Messages

Use the CRM features to automate text messaging for your business. Simply choose the date and time to schedule texts for when you know your lead will read it.

Reel In More Revenue With Fully Automated Business Texting

Responding to leads within the first few minutes means a 900% increase in contact rates. Increase your revenue with text messaging follow-up automation.
Let’s show you a typical campaign in action with SMS, Email & Voicemail follow-up. Fill in your details below.

    Responding to leads within the first few minutes increases lead conversion by 391%.  See a personalized GoCRM automation campaign in action! ⬇️

    Automatic Follow Up with SMS, Email & Voicemail.