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Home Builder CRM

GoCRM is designed to help home builders manage leads, increase conversions, optimize sales tactics, and streamline sales processes for higher ROI and easy sales.

Build A Strong Sales Foundation

Because the construction industry is so competitive, you need a unique CRM solution that combines powerful sales and marketing features to optimize your sales. GoCRM boosts your marketing for better results, automates sales communication, organizes leads in one central location, lets you stay updated with your sales team, and gives you in-depth data and analytics to optimize the way you sell.

This means you can have an instant overview of all your leads to see at what stage they’re at and what needs to be done to close the deal, then assign tasks to your sales team from within the CRM platform. Your team can use GoCRM’s state-of-the-art communication tools to text, call, or email leads while also using the GPS Check-In to make sure you’re updated on everything that’s happening.

Pinpoint Your Most Effective Marketing Efforts

As a home builder, you rely on multiple marketing channels to attract leads. This includes everything like Zillow, magazines, property viewings, social media ads, for sale signs, your website, and more. GoCRM ties a unique URL or phone number to every channel to track which of these channels is bringing in the most leads and how effective each channel is. Ultimately, this helps you determine which channels to leverage for more leads and which channels to remove. GoCRM automatically funnels all your leads into one source where you can gain a complete overview.

Manage Leads With Ease

GoCRM’s automated lead management tools enable you handle all of your leads in one centralized spot, making it easy to manage home builder leads no matter where they come from. You can easily gain a complete overview of all your leads and see all the relevant details: where they come from, when they came in, when they were ,and by who. Whether it’s to yourself, to a specific team member, or randomly assigned, you can distribute leads to your team from within GoCRM. The system automatically logs all contact that was made throughout the lead lifecycle, so it’s easy to gain context of what stage the lead is at. Call recordings also make it easy to know exactly what was said in the previous call.

Track the Lifecycle of Your Contacts

Home buying and building generally involves a long buying cycle. GoCRM lets you track every stage of the lead lifecycle. The system automatically logs all interactions, so you can easily get up to speed on where the lead is in their journey and what was said in communication from beginning to closing.

Augment Your Sales Force with Automations

Never miss out on a lead by automating crucial sales tasks like follow ups. You can schedule follow up messages at custom intervals like 30 or 60 days and even create templates to be used. GoCRM also lets you set an auto-reply message to respond to any incoming leads and ensure you capture all your leads.

Execute Marketing Campaigns

Have an open house coming up or a new offer to push? Create email blasts or text messages from within GoCRM to send notifications to your database. You can also use our intuitive drag and drop builder to easily create your own branded newsletter or open house invitations.

Built-In Calling & Text Messaging

Assign dedicated VoIP phone numbers to your team members and use local numbers to be relevant in the areas where you operate. Your sales team can call or text message contacts from their browser or from their smartphones. Don’t worry if a team member leaves, you can just reassign the number to someone else for a seamless transition.

Jump-start Your Home Builder Marketing Automation With Ready-made Templates

Use prebuilt, powerful automation templates to welcome, win back, retarget, and engage your customers.
Tech-tested, marketing-approved, and loved by thousands of customers.

Home Builder Lead Re-Engagement
Home Builder Lead Re-Engagement
Turn cold leads into warm leads with this automation and maximize revenues.
Home Builder 14 Day New Lead Qualification Flow
Home Builder 14 Day New Lead Qualification Flow
Lead form submission with automatic follow-up sequence and qualification.
Home Builder Introduction SMS
Home Builder Introduction SMS
Let your clients know you are now available through text messaging.

Transform Your Team Into A Powerful Sales Force

Leverage the latest advanced tools and innovative features at a fraction of the cost.


  • Call Tracking
  • Campaign & Channel Tracking
  • Drag & Drop Newsletter Builder
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Email Automation
  • Lead Distribution
  • Marketing ROI Reports
  • Task Automation
  • Text Message Automation
  • Website Form Integration


  • Appointment Calendar
  • Contact & Company Management
  • Custom Fields, Stages, & Statuses
  • Deal Pipeline
  • GPS Check-In
  • iPhone & Android App
  • Import & Export CSV
  • Local Numbers
  • Phone System
  • Reports
  • Text Messaging
  • Templates
  • Tasks Manager
  • Voicemail
  • 2 Way Email Sync
  • And so much more, we ran out of space!

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