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Boost your sales with marketing automation and state-of-the-art communication tools.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

GoCRM is the only customer relationship management solution that takes on a full-funnel approach by combining powerful marketing and sales features. This means you get a robust platform that supports scalable business growth, streamlines sales processes, and enhances the overall customer experience.

Transform Your Team Into A Powerful Sales Force

Leverage the latest advanced tools and innovative features at a fraction of the cost.


  • Call Tracking
  • Campaign & Channel Tracking
  • Drag & Drop Newsletter Builder
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Email Automation
  • Lead Distribution
  • Marketing ROI Reports
  • Task Automation
  • Text Message Automation
  • Website Form Integration


  • Appointment Calendar
  • Contact & Company Management
  • Custom Fields, Stages, & Statuses
  • Deal Pipeline
  • GPS Check-In
  • iPhone & Android App
  • Import & Export CSV
  • Local Numbers
  • Phone System
  • Reports
  • Text Messaging
  • Templates
  • Tasks Manager
  • Voicemail
  • 2 Way Email Sync
  • And so much more, we ran out of space!

All Your Leads In One Centralized Location

Automatically import leads from hundreds of sources, both online and offline, with all the relevant attribution data such as source, channel, and campaign. With a specialized tool kit that includes call tracking, website tracking, Zapier, and CSV import, you can keep accurate track of all leads and the progress of each.

Distribute Leads With Ease

Enjoy the option to distribute leads manually or randomly assign them to your team. With advanced workflows, team members automatically receive and follow up on all leads from their personal VoIP phone or email.

You Got A Lead!

When a team member is assigned a lead, they immediately have a full overview of the entire lead journey, including origin, what they asked about, and more. This means they go into sales calls fully prepared, resulting in highly efficient calls.

Best of all, your team can continue exactly the same workflows as before, using calls, texts, and emails, without having to worry about data entry.

Make & Record Phone Calls and SMS

Using a cloud-based VoIP system, GoCRM supports all business calls, voicemails and messages – all you need is an internet connection. Team members can use their laptop or mobile phone to call anyone in any area code from a virtual phone number within the CRM system. This means there are no setup charges or additional costs.

To ensure you have multiple communication channels as part of your usual sales activity, GoCRM also offers a text messaging (SMS) service to effectively maintain client relationships.

Full Email Sync

Manage all email activity without having to switch back and forth between platforms. GoCRM integrates with all major email providers to ensure that any email sent or received from your private account will automatically appear in GoCRM.

Manage Tasks & Appointments

Effortlessly keep up with meetings, calls, demos, lunches and emails for every deal, contact, and company with all scheduled appointments reflected in real-time in your personal calendar.

With a full overview of the entire workload, manage tasks and delegate work to team members from within the system and ensure they’re kept up to speed with text message notifications.

GPS Check-Ins

The GPS Check-In feature helps you keep accurate track of all team members when they are out for a meeting or running an errand.

Employees simply need to confirm their location from within the mobile app and their check-in will appear in the feed, providing you with additional data on when your team last interacted with a client.

Never Miss An Opportunity

Take the guesswork out of sales activities and close deals faster with the GoCRM pipeline. With an overview of the different stages of all leads, you can quickly identify those that need more attention and those that are ready to close. You can also color-code every stage to ensure no lead goes unnoticed.

Sort contacts with over 50 filters and by your own custom fields to quickly find what you’re looking for and have instant answers to all questions.

Automate Tasks & Leverage Customization

Create more time to nurture leads and close deals by automating manual tasks. Easily schedule tasks and appointments from within the CRM and set reminders for important deals. Ensure consistent follow-ups by automating emails or text messages to leads from within a specific sales rep’s personal VoIP or email.

With full customization of all functions like forms and lifecycle stages, you can optimize your automation to result in maximum productivity.

Maximize Marketing ROI

Understanding your prospect’s behavior is pivotal in moving them from qualified leads to closed deals. With a full timeline of each lead from initial form submission to the last email, you have a full history of every interaction they had with your team and how each performed.

This helps maximize the ROI you see from marketing efforts by leveraging information about your prospect’s interactions across all time and sources.

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Automatic Follow Up with SMS, Email & Voicemail.