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CRM with Marketing Automation

Personalized, timely, and relevant automations create the perfect way to seamlessly turn prospects into customers.

GoCRM marketing automation software

Dashboard of marketing automation in GoCRM

Time-Saving Marketing Automation Software

Maximize communication channels and leverage fully automated business processes to spend less time converting more leads into paying customers. GoCRM combines CRM features with unmatched customization and automation capabilities to help you build campaigns that work.

GoCRM lets you do more than just text your customer, it also lets you automate messages or send standardized templates. It simplifies the task of tracking all text communications, so you never miss an important response or follow up.

Reach the Right People at the Right Time

With built-in email marketing automation and advanced segmentation features, you can build
personal and lasting connections with your customers 24/7/365.

Build automated marketing campaigns with customer journeys

Create Customer Journeys That Convert New Leads

GoCRM works efficiently in the background to save you time and money. The system automates repetitive tasks and delivers personalized communications across channels, from emails to texts. Craft the perfect journeys to create new customers with less effort.

Automated lead segmentation with filters, actions, and events

Set the Rules & Visualize

Use the GoCRM system to create custom lists of contacts, called segments, that define your ideal contacts. Create personalized, 3D workflows utilizing filters, actions, and events. The drag and drop interface makes creating rather complex automation trees very easy.

Send personalized follow up messages

Reach the Right People Precisely When They Want to be Reached

Utilize filters to create custom campaigns based on the day and the time that work best for reaching your leads. Tailor messages based on these filters. Because the system sends the messages on behalf of your sales force, they are always personalized, and the system will pause automation when the lead responds.

Automate dozens of tasks

Automate Dozens of Tasks Beyond Just Email

Automate beyond email. Whether it’s a customer on-boarding process, a workflow after an appointment is made, or segmenting contacts, these tasks make it easier, and less time consuming to build the campaigns you desire.

Seamless integration with text and email of each sales person

Send Personalized and Relevant Emails & Text Messages

All emails and text messages are sent from the lead owner’s personal VOIP number or integrated email address. As a result, customers can reply directly to the automated message, reach the assigned sales rep, and seamlessly continue the conversation.

Integrate with top automation tools

Integrate With Hundreds of Popular Apps

Zapier expands your automations and integrates with other tools. Achieve unmatched capabilities with app integrations that add customized functionality to your GoCRM account.

Jump-start Your Marketing Automation With Ready-made Templates

Use prebuilt, powerful automation templates to welcome, win back, retarget, and engage your customers.
Tech-tested, marketing-approved, and loved by thousands of customers.

Basic New Lead Autoresponder
Basic New Lead Autoresponder
The right autoresponder can go a long way in terms of connecting you to your users.
New Customer Workflow
New Customer Workflow
Congratulations! You have a new customer! Now let's create a great first impression.
Lead Re-Engagement Flow
Lead Re-Engagement Flow
Turn cold leads into warm leads with this automation and maximize revenues.

“We understand that growing businesses have growing needs, which is why
we developed a scalable platform that grows as your business does. As a
business owner myself, my aim is to provide a CRM that not only significantly streamlines communication but also delivers the sales ROI that business
owners deserve to see.”

Oriol Zertuche

Oriol Zertuche, CODESM CEO

Transform Your Team Into A Powerful Sales Force

Leverage the latest advanced tools and innovative features at a fraction of the cost.


  • Call Tracking
  • Campaign & Channel Tracking
  • Drag & Drop Newsletter Builder
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Email Automation
  • Lead Distribution
  • Marketing ROI Reports
  • Task Automation
  • Text Message Automation
  • Website Form Integration


  • Appointment Calendar
  • Contact & Company Management
  • Custom Fields, Stages, & Statuses
  • Deal Pipeline
  • GPS Check-In
  • iPhone & Android App
  • Import & Export CSV
  • Local Numbers
  • Phone System
  • Reports
  • Text Messaging
  • Templates
  • Tasks Manager
  • Voicemail
  • 2 Way Email Sync
  • And so much more, we ran out of space!

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