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Integrate With Leading
Email Providers

Keep all of your communications in one place with GoCRM. Our platform integrates with all major email providers. Just sync your email accounts with GoCRM and automatically receive emails directly to our platform.

With seamless integration, you can spend less time switching back and forth between platforms and spend more time connecting with leads and customers.

Save Time With Customized Email Templates

Time is money. Save it with email templates inside GoCRM. Customize your approach to everything from appointment requests to product intros, follow-up emails to deal close congrats.

In just a few minutes, you can set up your templates for your whole business to use and deploy them when the time is right. The result? Cohesive, efficient communication that you and your team can send out in a matter of minutes.

Personalize Every Email

Add that personal touch to every email with automation from GoCRM. Our platform can use contacts’ individual details to turn even bulk email campaigns into tailored communications that capture contacts’ attention, and business.

Simply add the field you want to fill (e.g. Contact first name), and GoCRM will fill in the rest, drawing from our central database to deliver emails that are fast, efficient, and effective.

Create Automated Drip Campaigns

Work smarter, not harder, with automated emails through GoCRM. Simply create the templates and define when and where they should go out. Schedule them to go out at a certain time, trigger them when contacts take a certain action (e.g. Appointment request or completed sale), and/or restrict them to certain segments of your contact list. You get efficient and meaningful communication with contacts AND more time in your day to build your business, all thanks to smart automation.

Reel In More Revenue With Fully Automated Email

Responding to leads within the first few minutes increases means a 900% increase in contact rates.
Let’s show you a typical campaign in action with SMS, Email & Voicemail follow-up. Fill in your details below.