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5 Benefits of Integrating GPS Tracking Data with CRM Software

5 Benefits of Integrating GPS Tracking Data with CRM Software

A busy sales team is often dispersed across a large geographical area as they meet with leads, close sales, and even cold-call potential clients. Keeping track of their work can be a challenge, and traditional methods (such as manual check-ins) can be time-consuming for your team.

To easily keep track of where each team member is, you may benefit from location tracking software connecting with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform. When you can integrate the data from that software with your CRM, you and your sales team enjoy several benefits.

1. Gain Real-time Sales Data

Real time sales dataJust how effective is your sales team? GPS integration with your CRM can help you find out. GPS technology does more than tell you where your sales team members are at any given point during the day.

It also allows you to track which leads and clients your team is connecting with, which follow-ups are occurring, and which sales are closing. You can see a complete picture of the work your sales team accomplishes while out in the field.

Even better, when this GPS data integrate into your CRM, you can access this data in a centralized location. This integration means that you can see a lead’s entire history with your business with one glance, including the follow ups, meetings, and results from your sales team’s work. All this information is loaded to the CRM in real-time, letting you have an updated understanding of your sales funnel.

2. Efficiently Manage Client Meetings

Client meetingsWhen new leads come into your CRM or clients reach out, you may need to respond quickly. In these cases, knowing where each member of your sales team is can enable you to assign leads and manage client meetings efficiently.

Say a client requests a meeting that same afternoon. Check your CRM to find out where the closest team member is so you can send them to the client. Say a new lead comes into your CRM, and they require a phone call. Check your GPS tracking platform to find out which team member is headed back to the office, finishing up a meeting, or on a break so you can assign the phone call to the person who can most quickly follow up.

With prompt follow up and efficient meeting management, you can contact more leads and clients more quickly, leading to more sales, more profits, and happier customers.

3. Accurately Manage Travel Expenses and Reimbursement

Travel expensesAccurate information on travel times and distances can be challenging to come by. Team members may forget to fill out forms or need to estimate their travel. Inaccurate reimbursement based on erroneous data can be unfair to your business and your team members.

Avoid this frustration and ensure accurate reimbursement and travel expenses with location tracking software. Consult the software to find out exactly where a team member traveled to get the information you need to pay them back fairly for their incurred expenses.

Your team and your budget will be happier with accurate travel reimbursements based on GPS tracking.

4. Save Time on Manual Check-ins

Check insYour busy sales team shouldn’t have to take time out of their day to call or check-in at the office. Save time and free them up to do more with a GPS CRM that allows them to check in to each location automatically.

When the GPS data integrates with your CRM, you always know where your team members are. No more taking time to call the office, stop in or send emails. No more resentment from team members who want to complete their work independently. Your team can focus on chasing leads and closing sales, and you still always have the information you need.

5. Improve Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Sales team productivityYour sales team’s productivity is directly related to your business’s profitability. Enable them to achieve maximum productivity with GPS data that integrates with your CRM.

When you know where your team members are, you don’t have to follow up with check-ins, so they can focus on closing sales and keeping clients happy. When they don’t have to fill out reimbursement forms, they can devote that time to sales. When you can more efficiently manage client meetings, you can get more done during the day.

To gain real-time sales data, efficiently manage client meetings, accurately manage travel expenses and reimbursement, save time on check-ins, and improve your sales team’s productivity, use a CRM that allows for GPS integration.

Try GoCRM. Our GPS Check-In feature allows team members to confirm their location from within the mobile app. That data is entered automatically into the CRM’s feed, where you can access it in real-time. As a result, you always know where your team members are, who they are meeting, and how to help them make the most of their time.

With GoCRM, get a full-funnel marketing approach including GPS integration that makes your team more productive and more efficient over the long term.

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