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Built-In Calling

Get a modern CRM with built-in email and calling at an unbeatable value.

Built-In Calling Features

Get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer
communications, and internal account discussions.

Phone System for Small Businesses

The integrated phone system enables your sales team to be in constant communication with potential leads and clients, creating a seamless experience from one interaction to the next.

Buy a Virtual Number

Purchase a virtual phone number to use within the GoCRM system, so you never have to juggle a personal and professional line again. With local numbers available, your sales team can be relevant to each territory they’re in.

Call Reports

Receive regular reports on your team’s calls to help manage staff performance and stay on top of tasks and your sales pipeline.

Add Notes During Calls

Add call notes during or after your conversation to help you keep track of client communications, keeping your team apprised and up to date on all interactions.

Call Recording

Enable call recording and listen to calls directly in your timeline. Use your recordings to review your call activity, train new employees or monitor progress. Download recordings in one click and share them with your team.


Automate voicemail delivery to your contacts using pre-recorded messages you create for any situation you might encounter.

Make & Receive Calls Using Your Smart Phone

Make and receive calls from your contacts on the go without ever leaving the system. View caller details and customer histories before, during and after calls.

Phone Number Management

Make it easy for your customers to call you. Assign the numbers to your sales reps or territories so they can start talking to prospects right away using the built-in phone powered by GoCRM.

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As more businesses transition to mobile, our comprehensive mobile
CRM solution is at the forefront of the transformation.


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